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This is the 5th edition of the Auto Parts Database by The Data Planet. It’s been years of hard work to eventually come out with this one associating parts with makes, years, models, submodels, engines, and with thousands of part categories.

The years are from 1985 to 2021, less than the 4th edition but the latest.

The parts are associated with 217 manufacturer brands, 63,076 vehicles (by years, makes, models, submodels, trim / engines), and part categories that are 3 tiers and thousands.

The part images are of high quality in size and resolution, JPEG with white background, ready for Amazon and eCommerce stores. Average is 247KB per image. No watermarks.

How to Order & Download

You can go here to order and pay via PayPal. The system will automatically send you the download link to the database(s) to your PayPal email.

Media images will be prepared and ready for download 24 hours after payment, or you are welcome to contact us for assistance.

Update Policy

Customers who bought the 4th edition of this database are privileged to upgrade to the 5th edition by paying the price difference so the amount paid for the 4th edition is honored by the legacy lifetime update policy.

New customers will pay the full amount to download the database(s).

Sample Part Images

Yellow Pages Database Updated to 22.5 Million, Now Includes Email Addresses

Yellow Pages directory services have struggled during the past ten years as the industry transitioned from print to digital. Yellow Pages are experiencing renewed growth and value in digital marketing. The addition of email addresses, advertisement images, mapping locations, and increased numbers of website URLs have made Yellow Pages databases more valuable to advertisers, marketers, and B2B relationships.

The 4th edition of our US and Canada Yellow Pages database includes 22.5 million records, 63% more than our previous release. This latest edition of the data set provides email addresses and an increased percentage of website URLs – both essential data points for digital marketing efforts.

Our latest revision to the Yellow Pages data set includes the addition of:

  • Email address
  • Rating
  • Reviews
  • Cover image
  • Slogan
  • Regular hours
  • Extra phone number
  • Aka
  • Other information
  • Other links

We released our previous edition of the Yellow Pages database in 2014. The 4th edition of the US and Canada Yellow Pages comprises 2020 data with additional fields aligned with modern technologies and digital marketing strategies. Potential data set uses include business lookup, business comparisons, competitive analytics, reverse number lookup, and more. It is a comprehensive source for business data and contact information.

With Cover Image, Slogan, and Longitude + Latitude data, additional methods are now available for contact, display, and comparison. The newly released 4th edition of the US and Canada Yellow Pages database provides data in sync with modern use patterns and technology developments.

The 4th edition of the US and Canada Yellow Pages data set is available as a full download or using our API.

For detailed information on the 4th edition, visit https://www.thedataplanet.com/databases/usyellowpages-2-database.html

Existing customers of the 3rd edition can download this new edition by paying the price difference. Contact us for a manual payment link.


Top 8 Online Sources for B2B Email Lists / Data Sets

On average, emails sent as part of a digital marketing campaign have an open rate of only 21%. Four out of five emails sent will be deleted or marked as spam before being opened. It’s safe to say, no new business is coming from those “not this time” clients. At the end of 2019, MailChimp compiled results from billions of emails sent by their platform and reported the 21% open rate, but even worse, a 2.62% click rate. For every 100 emails sent, 97 failed to result in a single click to your website.

Some steps can be taken to improve the success of your email marketing campaigns. The first is to maintain a list of emails you acquire through interactions with potential clients. Your list will grow, but very slowly. Another step is to ensure that any email list you are using is of the highest quality. It needs to be new data, verified when possible.

Business emails are available through a variety of sources. Most will be built by companies specializing in the collection and distribution of data sets. When acquiring and using data from any source, you will need to do your due diligence to verify the data or know that your supplier has already done so.

8 Business Email Sources

Data Axle


Data Axle is in the business of gathering and selling data. Data Axle is also known as Infogroup, among other names, all listed on their website. Data Axle reports having business data for more than 16 million verified businesses in the U.S. and Canada. With over 450 attributes, you will have no difficulty identifying business emails to support your email marketing efforts.

The Data Axle’s database includes data from Fortune 500 companies to small shops and self-employed freelancers. To select business emails with the highest probability of success, you can utilize their many data points in the search process.



Datarade is more of a data broker than a creator or builder of databases. They have partnerships with many data suppliers and identify the best sources to meet your needs. When running a search for “business emails,” Datarade provided a long list of potential sources to supply this data.

The search’s top search result claimed, “100% Custom Human Verified Data.” The data source was Cloudlead. Clicking the link took me to the Cloudlead website, providing me the option to further pursue these data.

The Data Planet


Among other data sets, The Data Planet just released a 2020 version of their Yellow Pages Database. This data set includes business email addresses. Since Yellow Pages databases have business location information (i.e., zip code, state, country, longitude, latitude), this information, attached to an email address, can lend to more targeted delivery and possibly higher open rates.



MailingLists has been in the business of collecting and distributing data sets for over 25 years. They specialize in demographic and psychographic data. This includes new business leads, email lists, data appends, and more. They provide data acquired by Dun and Bradstreet, a well-established source for business ratings and analytics. Mailinglists connection to Dun and Bradstreet lends credibility and quality to their products.

Gilbert Data


Gilbert Data claims to be the best B2B email list provider. They aren’t the only source claiming to be the best, but they explicitly zeroed in on the B2B email list market. You can get emails based on a job title, an executives-only list, industry-specific, or users of targeted technologies. Other supplies can also do this, but listing an “HR Executives Email List” as one of their available B2B data sets provides a sense of reliability and quality.

B2B email lists provided by Gilbert Data are guaranteed to be 100% verified with “extremely” high response rates. Following the averages, your digital marketing campaign will have a 2.62% click rate. Just doubling that would seem like a high response rate. Double it again, and that could be considered extreme.

Book Your Data


Book Your Data works a little differently than other data sources. You create your list by interactively setting your search criteria. You can see how many records were found by your search and refine it to increase or decrease the count. With this method, you can fine-tune your target group and tailor the list size to fit your budget. Book Your Data charges by the number of records found by your search. The price per email will be higher than other list suppliers, but the list’s contents will match your specific search criteria.

Knowing who your campaign targets will allow you to adjust your messaging to be more personal and relevant. You should achieve much higher open and click rates, but regardless, each click-through is more likely to result in a new client.



DatabaseUSA is a good representative of most other data sources. They report having very sizeable amounts of data with many different data points, all “95% accurate and triple-verified.”

One item stands out from the other sources explored in this article – they claim to have over 200 million cell phone numbers “(restrictions apply).” This one item could be of great importance to your digital marketing campaign. Marketing text messages have a 98% open rate. That’s right. Nearly every text-message received is opened. This puts the 20% open rate of emails to shame.

This article covers business email data, but the text message open rate is something every digital marketer needs to know. There are strict regulations for distributing cell phone numbers. Still, when acquiring a business email list for your campaign, if you can also get a cell phone number, your success rate will skyrocket.

Leads Blue


Leads Blue is last on this list, not because the others are better sources. It is last because of the method used to sell their data. They list tiles of data sets as if they are product listings on the Amazon site. They provide steep discounts and even have a shopping cart on their website. This is an unusual way to market high-quality business data sets, but you never know until you have verified the data yourself.


When shopping for a business email data set for your next digital marketing campaign, your focus should be on quality. The goal is to increase the open and click-through rate of your email campaign. If you have acquired a quality data set, your email recipients will be a better match for the message you are delivering.

We have the data to present highly-personalized and focused messages to a very defined audience in our digital world. With reliable data from a reputable source, your email marketing campaign will be a success.


DataSN rolls out XML support for all API Endpoints

This is exciting as we are now offering the XML format for ALL our data sets.

DataSN – Big Data of Internet & Web Data Extraction / Mining Platform

You can immediately view XML samples of any data set on individual data set page:

View data samples by XML

You can also choose the XML format on the Online Query form to generate an API call address for traversing through the entire data set:

Select XML for the API address generator

You can also dynamically switch to the XML format on the HTML presentation of any data page:

View XML of any data page

We will be adding more data API features. Stay tuned by subscribing to us!

The possibilities are endless.

Help us build a data brain of the entire Internet by subscribing to one of our plans: https://datasn.io/p/407

Contact us for any of your data needs: https://datasn.io/p/464

All data sets can be immediately used to build any website or web app, auto-updated for a lifetime!


One of DataSN’s best car parts data API for the United States market is now updated to include 16,523,973 according to the latest screenshot of the DataSN data network.

As of Mar. 2019 this API has 246 auto makes, 30,920 models, 55,977 engines or trims, 481 part manufacturers / brands, and over 16.5 million part records classified in over 4,000 categories.

It currently has over 4.4 million part images with a total footprint of 125GB. And it’s still growing and being updated as we speak.

DataSN is all about (almost) real-time data.

We will soon TRIPLE the pricing on ALL our data websites as it’s been really hard for us to make ends meet.

Anyone interested in accessing this database and its APIs please subscribe to one of available plans now before the pricing triples.

For the past 4 years, affordable pricing doesn’t seem to get more clients for DataSN, The Data Planet, or Usable Databases. We might as well be fine with less clients who will enjoy better data delivery and support.

So if you have anything in particular that you would like to get your hands on, do it now before the pricing goes up.

Feel free to reach us for any of your data needs and we would be glad to help. Thank you!


DataSNWe need BETA testers for our new data platform DataSN: https://datasn.io. Anyone interested please just sign up here: https://datasn.io/p/407

Contact us from the online contact form via the Help button at bottom right of every page or via email to [email protected]

You will be given a free membership for an entire year! All you got do is use the site, get any data you want, give feedback, and share about us on your social accounts!

Some Features

Data commits history at DataSN.io

Data commits history at DataSN.io

HTML format of the data API

HTML format of the data API

Sub data of a particular data row

Sub data of a particular data row

Online Query of DataSN.io

Online Query of DataSN.io

Formats include: HTML, JSON, Excel, CSV, PDF

More formats such as MySQL and MS SQL are coming as we speak.


In time, DataSN.io will have the data of the entire Internet that everyone can now freely acquire or program against via RESTful web APIs.

Data will be format-neutral that can be instantly and seamlessly re-incarnated or re-deployed to 3rd party applications or platforms like WordPress, Magento or CRM.

Data can be re-used real time.

Data will be free rather than being framed in just a concrete file (string) such as HTML or PDF.

DataSN is the way.

Let’s get some data people! 😉


How do you want data updates pushed to you?

We are making some major improvements as to how data is delivered to you. The current solution seems very cumbersome and anything but cost-effective. We want to make data updates automatically pushed to your end or you can request updates (programmatically) whenever you want them without having to check at our website and download the entire database package / data set again.

To make this happen, we have a few possible approaches in mind that we would like your opinion about:

  1. RESTful API via HTTP
  2. Remote access to our MySQL servers
  3. MySQL replication
  4. Incremental data files, such as MySQL dumps, csv, etc.
  5. Or if you have any better ideas?

If you have anything to say, don’t hesitate to speak up. If you have any problems regarding obtaining the latest data for your business or customers, give us an idea and let’s together come up with a solution.

Basically, how would you like us to deliver the constant updates of your purchased database to you?

When we make weekly or even daily updates of your database available, it’s definitely not how we are doing it right now.

Give us your idea!


Movies Database now just $189.95 from $489.95

We just decided to decrease the price of the Movies Database we just released a few months ago from $489.95 to just $189.95.

That’s a massive discount.

We never did this kind of discount before but we just thought it might help you guys make the decision. It’s definitely the best downloadable database of movies you can find on the Internet. It’s all in one. You get to start your own movies portal or killer app comparable to that of the biggest players in the industry.

The database is so sophisticated in structure, so rich in fields, so heavy in records, and so exhaustive in normalization, that it would definitely make your site or application look like a tycoon.

Buy now at $189.95: http://www.thedataplanet.com/databases/movies-database.html

This is for a limited time only. Original price will be restored at our discretion any time in 7 to 30 days.


Auto Parts Database Updated to 2015 (4th edition)

Compared to 3rd edition, the 4th edition Auto Parts Database has over 2 times more data records and 4 times more photo pictures of the parts, each of which are 4 times larger than the original images on average.

Change log

  1. Data size increased to 15.8 GB in MySQL database.
  2. Images size increased to 30.4 GB.
  3. Trims and Engines are added.
  4. Over 10 more data fields for the parts are added.
  5. A JSON specifications field added for the parts, which has over 700 different properties and attributes for each of the parts.

Find details of the 4th edition: http://www.thedataplanet.com/databases/autoparts-database.html

As per our lifetime update policy, existing customers can now proceed to download this new edition for free.


Movies / Films Database in MySQL / CSV

We are glad to announce the availability of our latest data product, the Movies Database.

It comes with almost 300,000 unique movie titles from across the entire world, with over 1.6 million JPEG images that are 65.9 GB in download size.

There are a total of 20 tables of:

  1. Movie titles (title, year, description, storyline, tagline, mpaa rating, date, budget, gross, runtime, awards, etc.)
  2. Actors / actresses, Directors, Writers, Producers (Born date, place, awards, height, star sign, etc.)
  3. Characters (Bio and quotes)
  4. Gallery (image title)
  5. Companies
  6. Countries
  7. Languages
  8. Genres
  9. Keywords

Which have a total database size of 1.5 GB. Comes in both MySQL and CSV formats.

For detailed statistics of this database, please view the sales page: http://www.thedataplanet.com/databases/movies-database.html

Reach us for samples by submitting the contact form at the right of the above page.