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Auto Parts Database Updated to 2015 (4th edition)

Compared to 3rd edition, the 4th edition Auto Parts Database has over 2 times more data records and 4 times more photo pictures of the parts, each of which are 4 times larger than the original images on average.

Change log

  1. Data size increased to 15.8 GB in MySQL database.
  2. Images size increased to 30.4 GB.
  3. Trims and Engines are added.
  4. Over 10 more data fields for the parts are added.
  5. A JSON specifications field added for the parts, which has over 700 different properties and attributes for each of the parts.

Find details of the 4th edition: http://www.thedataplanet.com/databases/autoparts-database.html

As per our lifetime update policy, existing customers can now proceed to download this new edition for free.

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