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DataSN rolls out XML support for all API Endpoints

This is exciting as we are now offering the XML format for ALL our data sets.

DataSN – Big Data of Internet & Web Data Extraction / Mining Platform

You can immediately view XML samples of any data set on individual data set page:

View data samples by XML

You can also choose the XML format on the Online Query form to generate an API call address for traversing through the entire data set:

Select XML for the API address generator

You can also dynamically switch to the XML format on the HTML presentation of any data page:

View XML of any data page

We will be adding more data API features. Stay tuned by subscribing to us!

The possibilities are endless.

Help us build a data brain of the entire Internet by subscribing to one of our plans: https://datasn.io/p/407

Contact us for any of your data needs: https://datasn.io/p/464

All data sets can be immediately used to build any website or web app, auto-updated for a lifetime!

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