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How do you want data updates pushed to you?

We are making some major improvements as to how data is delivered to you. The current solution seems very cumbersome and anything but cost-effective. We want to make data updates automatically pushed to your end or you can request updates (programmatically) whenever you want them without having to check at our website and download the entire database package / data set again.

To make this happen, we have a few possible approaches in mind that we would like your opinion about:

  1. RESTful API via HTTP
  2. Remote access to our MySQL servers
  3. MySQL replication
  4. Incremental data files, such as MySQL dumps, csv, etc.
  5. Or if you have any better ideas?

If you have anything to say, don’t hesitate to speak up. If you have any problems regarding obtaining the latest data for your business or customers, give us an idea and let’s together come up with a solution.

Basically, how would you like us to deliver the constant updates of your purchased database to you?

When we make weekly or even daily updates of your database available, it’s definitely not how we are doing it right now.

Give us your idea!

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  • Georgiy Slobodenyuk May 9, 2016, 9:52 am

    Are you guys still doing this?

    I think incremental data files would be the simplest and most useful, but what would be awesome is the ability to do our own exports from a particular date, say from “2015 May” and allow us to specify whether to use update or insert or replace as the query for mysql and it wouldn’t matter too much for csv, etc.

  • Outarow Chhuong August 19, 2016, 3:01 pm

    I like RESTful API via HTTP.

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