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We are updating the auto parts database and we are a bit confused and need a few questions addressed. If here’s anyone who’s purchased this database and is familiar with auto parts and the auto parts industry, please help us make this a great database. Contact us or kindly leave your email in the comments and we’ll get to you.

It’s very much appreciated!


World Hotels Database To Be Updated

Just a quick message for anyone who bought the world hotels database, as we are updating it soon, probably in a few days or a week, after the raw data has been cleansed and optimized, it’s now the best time to lock in the price of $489.95 before it’s raised to $689.95.

The new version would include 70GB worth of 3.7 million hotel room and facility images that are very nice in resolution, perfect for online experiences. For anyone who wants to tap in the online hotels booking business, this database is your headstart.

All our hotels data products such as this one and this one will be unified in this version – another reason why you should get this database now, while it’s still just $489.95!


We are proud to announce the 5th version of the Books ISBN Database. It’s currently the BIGGEST books database one can find on the Internet, comparable to that of Google’s or Amazon’s. We are creating a ISBN query site so you can get a better idea how comprehensive this database is.

And the number of records is growing by thousands every day, though we may release an update every 12 months from now on.

There are 4 reasons why you should purchase this database now:

  1. It’s the currently the largest of its kind, even comparable to that of Google’s or Amazon’s and growing every day.
  2. We will very probably replace this with monthly subscriptions for quota-based API access, like everyone else is doing, so if you want to get hands on a complete database at your full will, now is the time.
  3. We are ending the lifetime update policy soon. In future you will need to pay for EVERY update. But now, while it’s still valid, you will receive free updates of the database(s) you purchased for a lifetime, with just ONE-TIME purchase.

As always, existing customers can download this update free of charge, as per our lifetime update policy.

The price for this version is $689.95. For people who subscribe to this press and are interested in this database, just let me know and I’d be glad to cut you a nice deal.


We already have over 12 million titles with unique ISBN13 numbers in the ISBN books database we got. Now we are adding even more. It’s a slow process to compile as many books as there are with an ISBN13 on the web, so please be patient before we get the release ready for download.

The estimated number of titles for the new release would be around 15 million, with 10 more fields for each of the books, though only about 2 million titles are populated with a usable value for these new columns. The book cover images would probably triple in volume and size.

At the same while, the price will be increased from $289.95 to $489.95 when the new version comes out. So if any of you are interested in this offer and an ever growing database of ISBN books (remember we have a lifetime update policy?), purchase it now and lock in the low price!

You can do so at either of the 2 websites at your preference:

  1. http://www.thedataplanet.com/databases/bookbyisbn-database.html
  2. http://www.usabledatabases.com/database/books-isbn-covers/

Both of them will be upgraded to the new version once it comes out. It should be in 1 month to 2 months at most.

Did I ever mention that this books database only comes inferior to that of Google’s?

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The 2nd edition of our UK yellow pages database is finally here. It’s been more than 3 years since we made the 1st edition public. Hopefully some of you are still around here to download this version. We are very grateful that you have made this possible.

It’s got 348,814 businesses and 327,418 unique phone numbers in the United Kingdom, sorted and indexed by 61 major cities / towns and over a hundred business categories.

Find more details here: http://www.thedataplanet.com/databases/ukyellowpages-database.html

Samples are available upon request.


College Textbooks Database Updated! – $249.00

We are very proud to announce that the 4th edition of the College Textbooks Database has been freshly released. It contains the latest textbooks (213,589 of them, with 176,312 cover images in JPEG that weighs 6.3GB) used in 700 universities and colleges in North America (US and Canada), by 47,799 departments and half a million different courses (different combinations of course, department and institution).

As per our Lifetime Update Policy, existing buyers can follow the download link and credentials listed thereof to download the updated edition. They were sent to your email when you made the purchase through PayPal. If you are unable to find it, just shoot us an email with the correct PayPal payment receipt and we’ll get you the download link as soon as we can.

The new price of this textbooks database is $249.00. For potential customers who are interested in this offer, do grab it now as we will increase the price the next time we update this database.

As always, contact us for samples.


United States Restaurants Database

Download this database at here: http://www.usabledatabases.com/database/us-restaurants/

This database is a comprehensive collection of restaurants of a variety of cuisines across the entire United States, indexed by city and state.


The UK yellow pages database is one of our first databases released at The Data Planet. 3 years after the debut, we are updating this database to a better structure with up-to-date business data entries in the United Kingdom on Usable Databases:


Any customer who purchased this database for $200 or more will be eligible to receive this freshly updated version for free. Please contact us at info@thedataplanet.com or captain@usabledatabases.com with your proof of payment or any information (name, email, address, etc.) that we can use to track the sale in our database, and we will get you the download link after verification.


Convert Database from MySQL to MSSQL

All of our databases are currently only available in MySQL format yet many clients are using MSSQL (SQL Server) for their applications and websites. While we have plans to also release the MSSQL version of each database, it won’t be until another season. One of our customers, Michael McMahon got the conversion work by a very simple approach without spending a dime on commercial converter software.

Hi Yang,

I didn’t havea chance to try the converter, but I did figure out a work around. First you have to change the language options so that the “list separator” field is set to a vertical bar |. Then you have to open the database in Excel, and save it as a csv file. Then it will import into MSSQL. It is difficult to use qoutations ” as a separator because some of the fields have qotations as part of the text.



Hope this helps.


Free Premium Databases for Loyal Customers

The Data Planet hasn’t updated any databases for a while. It’s not because we are slacking off, but because good databases (both in terms of volume and structure) are very hard to come by and take lots of time and sweat.

As we are very grateful to all our customers, especially loyal ones who have made more than one purchases, we are offering the opportunity for you to get 2 of our premium databases at Usable Databases (our data outlet for cheaper and simpler data sets) for free.

Anyone who has made purchases (one time or more) that sums up to $400 or more at The Data Planet can get any 2 databases at Usable Databases for free by your choice. Just email me with your past purchases at thedataplanet.com and we’ll get everything arranged.

This offer is only valid for 14 days.