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Free Premium Databases for Loyal Customers

The Data Planet hasn’t updated any databases for a while. It’s not because we are slacking off, but because good databases (both in terms of volume and structure) are very hard to come by and take lots of time and sweat.

As we are very grateful to all our customers, especially loyal ones who have made more than one purchases, we are offering the opportunity for you to get 2 of our premium databases at Usable Databases (our data outlet for cheaper and simpler data sets) for free.

Anyone who has made purchases (one time or more) that sums up to $400 or more at The Data Planet can get any 2 databases at Usable Databases for free by your choice. Just email me with your past purchases at thedataplanet.com and we’ll get everything arranged.

This offer is only valid for 14 days.



We have just released 2 new databases:

  1. World Airports Database
  2. US Plastic Surgeons Database

Both are priced at $89.95. Samples can be found here and here.


New Emails List Database of UK Businesses

A new section that is the Emails List has been added to our data arsenal. It will be mainly used to host business emails list databases.

The first email list published in this section is the United Kingdom businesses email list. It has nearly 300,000 unique emails that are freshly compiled. A lot more fields such as business / organization name, phone number, fax number, website address, contact person name, etc. are available for your perusal.

A perfect list for your email marketing efforts targeting at the UK market. Anyone interested in the first copy can claim it at once by the coupon code TUCKME that will give you a nice discount of $100, resulting in just $189.95 for such a fresh and full-fledged database.

This coupon code can only be claimed ONCE, so anyone interested in this would better hurry up before someone else grabs the deal!


As requested by many users, we have compiled the US lawyers database with 222,105 records of attorneys, lawyers and legal firms across the United States.

Details can be found here: http://www.thedataplanet.com/databases/uslawyers-database.html

Samples are uploaded here: http://www.thedataplanet.com/sample/uslawyers/

A coupon has been created for the first buyer to get $100 discount off $389.95, so he or she can get this freshly baked data set for just $289.95. Please simply use the code LEGAL in the coupon box and click Claim before adding the product to cart.







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After a full month’s hard work, the textbooks database has been grandly upgraded, from just 16,000 records to a whooping 305,255 unique records!

More than 250,000 of the books have a book cover image included, resulting in a 2.2GB images package. And every book has a lot more data fields!

Any previous buyers can download the upgraded version for free.

See the database details here: http://www.thedataplanet.com/databases/textbooks-database.html

Samples can be found here: http://www.thedataplanet.com/sample/textbooks/

Feel free to contact us for any questions. Do purchase it now if you are interested, because the price will be raised once again in the next upgrade.







We are proud to announce yet another reference database: Acronyms Database

There are over 240,000 unique acronyms and more than 800,000 different meanings and definitions for them.All the entries are categorized / sectioned by letter initials and each acronym has at least one meaning – some of them have hundreds of meanings!

Data samples can be found here: http://www.thedataplanet.com/sample/abbreviations-acronyms/

If you are interested, you can purchase here: http://www.thedataplanet.com/databases/abbreviations-acronyms-database.html

All 3 formats are available for all our databases: CSV, Excel, MySQL.

All our customers enjoy lifetime free updates for any database they purchase.



I’m pleased to announce that the zip codes database for United States has been upgraded. It now contains more zip codes, nearly all of them, with nearly all the cities, states / territories / military forces. And best of all, each zip code record also comes with the phone number area code, time zone and DST.

Please see details here: http://www.thedataplanet.com/databases/uszip-database.html

Samples can be found here: http://www.thedataplanet.com/sample/uszip/


We just finished compiling all the postal codes of Canada, a total of 764,852 unique records across 13 provinces and territories. View details here: http://www.thedataplanet.com/databases/canada-postal-codes-database.html

Excel and CSV samples can be found here: http://www.thedataplanet.com/sample/canada-postal-codes/

All postal codes are associated with city, province and geographical coordinates: latitude and longitude.


Hotel bookings are the major source of income for travel agencies / companies. Now you can tap into this niche too.

With this world hotels database, you can tap into the travel niche almost instantly with a strong head-start. It has so many features and is so well structured, you will have a perfect hotels booking site or affiliate site for customers from around the world in minimal effort.

Each hotel has 2 image photos in moderate resolutions. Please view samples here: http://www.thedataplanet.com/sample/world-hotels/

Details can be found here: http://www.thedataplanet.com/databases/world-hotels-database.html

I created a special coupon code for my subscribed users. Toclaim the $100 discount, just use the code TRAVEL in the couponcode box when you are adding the world hotels database in shopping cart. Note this is a ONE-TIME coupon that it wouldbe gone after whoever claims it first. So hurry before someoneelse grabs it!

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Both databases have now been combined into one. Buy either one of them and you can have both. Synonyms and antonyms are in separate fields of each of the 144,294 word entries.

Many more words are added. A lot more words now have synonyms and antonyms listed. Over 110,000 words have synonyms listed while more than 21,000 words have antonyms listed.

Here are the details: http://www.thedataplanet.com/databases/synonyms-database.html

Or here: http://www.thedataplanet.com/databases/antonyms-database.html

Separate pages, but the same database.