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Convert Database from MySQL to MSSQL

All of our databases are currently only available in MySQL format yet many clients are using MSSQL (SQL Server) for their applications and websites. While we have plans to also release the MSSQL version of each database, it won’t be until another season. One of our customers, Michael McMahon got the conversion work by a very simple approach without spending a dime on commercial converter software.

Hi Yang,

I didn’t havea chance to try the converter, but I did figure out a work around. First you have to change the language options so that the “list separator” field is set to a vertical bar |. Then you have to open the database in Excel, and save it as a csv file. Then it will import into MSSQL. It is difficult to use qoutations ” as a separator because some of the fields have qotations as part of the text.



Hope this helps.

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