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Free Premium Databases for Loyal Customers

The Data Planet hasn’t updated any databases for a while. It’s not because we are slacking off, but because good databases (both in terms of volume and structure) are very hard to come by and take lots of time and sweat.

As we are very grateful to all our customers, especially loyal ones who have made more than one purchases, we are offering the opportunity for you to get 2 of our premium databases at Usable Databases (our data outlet for cheaper and simpler data sets) for free.

Anyone who has made purchases (one time or more) that sums up to $400 or more at The Data Planet can get any 2 databases at Usable Databases for free by your choice. Just email me with your past purchases at thedataplanet.com and we’ll get everything arranged.

This offer is only valid for 14 days.


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