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English Rhyming Dictionary Database of Rhymes for 74,623 Words (1 - 10 Syllables)

Database Description:

This database is a English rhyming dictionary containing rhymes for 74,623 English words. Search for the rhyming words of any word by number of syllables you need in the rhyme table.

Database Meta:

  • Size: 33.6 MB
  • Last updated: Apr. 21st, 2011
  • Formats Included: MySQL dump .sql text file, CSV, MS Excel
  • Tables: 2

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phpMyAdmin Screenshots:

MySQL Database: English Rhyming Dictionary Database of Rhymes for 74,623 Words (1 - 10 Syllables) for Sale

Table Details (Data Structure / Schema):

  • letter

    Indexing letters of all the rhymes.

    Data fields

    1. id: smallint(5)
    2. title: varchar(255)
    3. count: int(11)
  • rhyme

    The table containing all the rhymes or rhyming words of any given English word.

    Data fields

    1. id: mediumint(8)
    2. title: varchar(255)
    3. 1_syllable: text
    4. 2_syllables: text
    5. 3_syllables: text
    6. 4_syllables: text
    7. 5_syllables: text
    8. 6_syllables: text
    9. 7_syllables: text
    10. 8_syllables: text
    11. 9_syllables: text
    12. 10_syllables: text
    13. letter: smallint(5)

Buy Now & Download: $99.00 (USD)

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Potential Applications / Usage:

  • Rhymes search engine
  • Poem / poet site
  • Rhyming dictionary / reference site
  • English word / rhyme games

Other Available Formats:

Some of these formats are available on extra charge, depending on the database.

  • Plain CSV
  • CSV for Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Excel .XLS file (2008, 2007, 2003, 2000)
  • Microsoft Word .DOC file (2008, 2007, 2003, 2000)
  • LaTeX
  • Open Document Spreadsheet
  • Open Document Text
  • PDF
  • XML
  • YAML
  • WordPress Category / Post Database
  • Single Table Format

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