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ISBN Database of 18.4 Million Books (Title, Author, 8.8 Million Cover Images)

Database Description:

With 18.39 million unique ISBN and books and over 8.8 million images of the book covers and authors, this ambitious database (5th edition) endeavors to be the most authoritative books database in the world. In time, it would probably grow bigger than that of Google's or Amazon's. We will eventually replace this with accounted web API access on monthly subscriptions, therefore if you want a complete database at your full disposal, now is the time.

This database contains 18,392,601 unique ISBN-13 numbers thus unique books, with 23 data fields for each of them. 96.6% records have non-empty author / authors field. There are NO duplicate books in this database. Other than the added number of records and data fields, better than the previous version, this database has now an authors table containing 3,272 authors and 3,272 author photos in JPEG. More will be identified and added in upcoming versions that you can download for free as per our lifetime update policy.

Only the first million books are associated with the subjects tables. The other books have a subjects field that solitarily describes the subjects, disciplines or genres of each of them. This books ISBN database also comes with 8,880,949 unique book cover images (8.8 million JPEG files, 229 GB). All customers who paid $589.95 or more for this database will be able to download the images package.

Each book record consists of book title, first author, author biography, all authors, ISBN-13 (13-digits ISBN), ISBN-10 (10-digits ISBN), price, physical format (hardcover, paperback, etc.), publisher, publishing date, edition, subjects, lexile literacy scale, number of pages, dimensions, overview, excerpt, synopsis, TOC (table of contents) and editorial reviews. More information about each book can be acquired by querying Amazon Product Advertising API or Google Books API by the ISBN numbers from this books database.

Due to increasing download volume per customer, soon we may end the lifetime update policy for new customers. Take the opportunity now, while it still lasts, otherwise you will need to pay for new updates.

Database Meta:

  • Size: 13,414.40 + 223,775.53 MB
  • Images / Multi-media: 1). Over 8.8 million unique JPEG images, 229 GB. File name: covers/{second to last 2 digits}/{last 2 digits}/{book.isbn13}.jpg; 2). Over 3,200 author pictures. File name: authors/{}.jpg
  • Last updated: Sept. 15th, 2013
  • Formats Included: MySQL dump .sql text file, CSV
  • Tables: 6

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phpMyAdmin Screenshots:

MySQL Database: ISBN Database of 18.4 Million Books (Title, Author, 8.8 Million Cover Images) for Sale

Table Details (Data Structure / Schema):

  • author

    The authors table containing the name and biography of the authors. Only a portion of the authors from the book table are identified.

    Data fields

    1. id: int(11)
    2. title: varchar(255)
    3. slug: varchar(255)
    4. biography: mediumtext
  • book

    The grandiose books table containing all the books and related information.

    Data fields

    1. id: int(11)
    2. title: text
    3. author: varchar(255)
    4. author_id: int(11)
    5. author_bio: mediumtext
    6. authors: varchar(255)
    7. title_slug: varchar(255)
    8. author_slug: varchar(255)
    9. isbn13: varchar(255)
    10. isbn10: varchar(255)
    11. price: varchar(255)
    12. format: varchar(255)
    13. publisher: varchar(255)
    14. pubdate: varchar(255)
    15. edition: varchar(255)
    16. subjects: varchar(255)
    17. lexile: varchar(255)
    18. pages: varchar(255)
    19. dimensions: varchar(255)
    20. overview: mediumtext
    21. excerpt: mediumtext
    22. synopsis: text
    23. toc: mediumtext
    24. editorial_reviews: mediumtext
  • book2subjects

    Books and subjects association table.

    Data fields

    1. id: int(11)
    2. book: int(11)
    3. sub_subject: int(11)
    4. sub_sub_subject: int(11)
  • sub_sub_subject

    Sub-sub-subjects table.

    Data fields

    1. id: mediumint(9)
    2. title: varchar(255)
    3. sub_subject: smallint(6)
    4. slug: varchar(255)
    5. count: int(11)
  • sub_subject

    Sub-subjects table.

    Data fields

    1. id: mediumint(9)
    2. title: varchar(255)
    3. subject: smallint(6)
    4. slug: varchar(255)
    5. count: int(11)
  • subject

    Subjects table. This is the top level of subjects.

    Data fields

    1. id: smallint(6)
    2. title: varchar(255)
    3. slug: varchar(255)

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Potential Applications / Usage:

  • Books community site enhancement
  • Books directory and information site
  • Books search engine
  • Books database integration for libraries
  • ISBN search engine
  • Book search by ISBN number

Other Available Formats:

Some of these formats are available on extra charge, depending on the database.

  • Plain CSV
  • CSV for Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Excel .XLS file (2008, 2007, 2003, 2000)
  • Microsoft Word .DOC file (2008, 2007, 2003, 2000)
  • LaTeX
  • Open Document Spreadsheet
  • Open Document Text
  • PDF
  • XML
  • YAML
  • WordPress Category / Post Database
  • Single Table Format

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