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World Hotels Database updated! (3.7 million images and 500% more data)

The world hotels database has been updated to a 3rd edition. As per our lifetime update policy, customers who paid for this database before the update can proceed to download the new version at the download page that we sent to your PayPal email.

We have now over 1.5GB text data in the MySQL database while the previous version has only 0.33GB.

We have now over 3.7 million hotel photos of the rooms, facilities, view, etc. that is a total of 70GB in download size. The previous version had about 6GB of images.

85% of the hotels have images. On average, we have over 10 different photo images for each hotel. Each image is around 400px in width and 300px in height.

To download the MySQL database dump files, just proceed to the original download page we sent to you.

To download the images package, please contact us with your PayPal email so we can check against the payment records and send you the download details. You can also forward to us a copy of the PayPal receipt or a copy of Database Download Details message (that we sent to you after you paid) to verify your identity.

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