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Quotes and Sayings Database Updated!

I’m glad let you know that an updated version of the quotes database that is much better than the previous version has been released.

Change logs:

  1. Number of quote authors has been increased by over 1,300.
  2. Number of quotes has been increased by about 2,000.
  3. Number of quotes that have been identified by a topic is increased by about 3,000.
  4. Number of different author types / professions has been increased from 65 to 74.
  5. Number of different quote topics has been increased from 40 to 68.
  6. Now every quote has 5 – 10 keywords.
  7. Every quote author has 3 more fields: name_slug, death_day, death_year.

The price stays the same at $489.95.

Anyone who has bought the previous version can download this version for free. Please just find the download link we have sent to your email inbox when you made the purchase.

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  • David Kemp September 30, 2014, 3:36 pm

    I am searching for a quotation database much like what you are offering here. Has this database been updated and enlarged further? Do you provide instruction on how to incorporate into a website? Has the price changed? I am still shopping.
    Blessings !!! Dave :-{)

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